Best Music 0f 2018

Owen Broder, Heritage: The American Roots Project (ArtistShare)
The year brought Adam Nussbaum's The Leadbelly Project; Andy Biskin's 16 Tons;Cory Smythe's Circulate Susannah; Greg Saunter, Mary Halvorson, and Ron Miles's New American Songbooks, Volume 1 ... Suddenly, everyone's wild about Stephen Foster, Leadbelly, Alan Lomax, and Harry Smith. My favorite among this bumper crop of Americana is the debut album of a young saxophonist who's willing to share the spotlight with other soloists (especially violinist Sara Caswell, in her element riffing on tunes readymade for country fiddle) and name composer/arrangers (among them Bill Holman, Miho Hazama, and Ryan Truesdell, who also produced).

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Owen Broder